2.5" Backcountry Leveling System, Diesel, Carli-SPEC, 3500 03-2013, 2019+

2.5" Backcountry Leveling System, Diesel, Carli-SPEC, 3500 03-2013, 2019+

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The Backcountry 2.0 system is designed for people seeking the best ride on and off-road quality on a budget; basically, the Leveling Kit for those that want to have a little dirt-road fun in their 8,500lb truck without losing the on-road ride quality or usability for which the truck was designed. You’re no longer limited to the highway while gravel roads become uninteresting as you can drive them at speed with one hand on the wheel. The 2.5” lift height doesn’t require the front or rear geometry correction of our 3” Systems.

Front Lift Height Rear Lift Height
2.5″ 0″

Front Travel Rear Travel
9.5″ 11″

Shock Type Tire Fitment
2.0″ RR (Remote Reservoir) 35″ x 12.5″

Does not work with rear auto-level air suspension.

This system is tuned for the 3500s equipped with rear leaf springs. It will install on the 3500  trucks equipped with the factory auto-leveling air assist but the tuning is NOT refined to the platform. We recommend you measure the truck as it often takes less than 2.5″ of front lift to level the Air-Assist Rams.

Ram 2.5" Backcountry Leveling System, Diesel, Carli-SPEC

  • 2013-18 3500 SRW
  • 2019+ 3500 DRW

Base Kit Includes:

CS-DLRC-14-LVL-D Leveling Front Coils
CS-DLVLSPKG-CS20RR-B Carli SPEC 2.0" Remote Reservoir Shocks, Front and Rear with Res Mounts
CS-DATB-1419 Adjustable Track Bar